Sanctification: God’s Role Is More Important

Followers of Jesus should have an insatiable desire to become more like Jesus and are never satisfied with the status quo. We should want to be separate from surrounding sin, and without a doubt, distinct from the crowd. Although we are born and raised in a crowd of sinners, our life’s goal should be to step out of that crowd and move towards God.

However, sanctification is not an act of self-improving ourselves. As A.B. Simpson worded 1 Thes. 5:23, ““the God of peace himself [will] sanctify you wholly.” Although we choose to be sanctified, God’s role is more important than our own. He is the one that will clean us and make us into who we need to be. Only He can accomplish what we are incapable of doing on our own.

My prayer is that God will sanctify you and calm you with spiritual peace. You can stop the endless efforts to defeat sin on your own and start trusting in God for complete healing. In Him, your brokenness may once again be made whole.