Praise that Delivers

It is easy to become short-sighted in our worship of God. Some seek self-fulfillment in worship, which often includes songs about ourselves and our desires. Others see worship as having only one purpose and only one purpose, neglecting the fact that the act of worship can have a variety of purposes. Still others miss the fact that worship should be the most joyous part of life!

Psalm 108 begins with six wonderful verses that instruct us about worship, concluding with the truth that praise can deliver us! Since this post will only make sense after reading the passage, you will probably want to open a Bible or read the passage online. Much could be said and written about these verses, and I hope to preach on that passage someday, but here are a few concise comments:

Verse 1: In order for worship to be meaningful, a worshiper needs a healthy relationship with God; this relationship then spills over into singing and making music “with all my being.”
Verse 2: Worship should be the first priority of our day. We dedicate buildings and celebrate inauguration day, but few of us start our day with recognition of God.
Verse 3: Others need to hear our worship — not just our friends, but everyone. Worship is meant to be heard.
Verse 4: Lest we forget, we have more than enough reasons to worship, including God’s steadfast love and His eternal faithfulness.
Verse 5: Our desire should be to see God exalted above all else — not that He is lacking glory, but that we need to fully recognize who He is.
Verse 6: One result of worship is deliverance! According to God’s Word, we are not saved through self-help programs, but when we truly recognize how great and powerful God is.