Be Contagious

To be effective as ministers of the Gospel, we must be contagious. God’s Truth needs to be something that we breathe, something that we ache with, something that we love. If we don’t feel it within our soul, we desperately need to ask ourselves why. Whatever our ministry, we need to passionately live out the Gospel. We are not living … Read More

The Artist’s Role in Theology

When it comes to truth, creativity can be disastrous. My son, for example, used to think that he could leap off a balcony and fly. He really believed he was a superhero, so thankfully, we had a chance to correct him before he tried! Although it was a creative idea, without a doubt, my son had no say when it … Read More

Imagining God

Theology is different from other “ologies” in the sense that if we only engage our subject intellectually, we miss the mark. We may understand hundreds of propositions about God, but if our imaginations are not involved in the process, I would say that we have failed. (By imagination I mean “envisioning what we do not rationally know.”) Over at Signs … Read More

New Worship EP!

My new worship EP is now available for purchase online.  You can download tracks, or the entire EP of A Thousand Names, at  Just click HERE to find the Joel Jupp page!