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Most of my songs were recorded in my home. I usually record at night with the windows open, especially when it is raining. You may even be able to hear some birds or the sound of rain in the background.

Many of my songs were inspired by moving across the country and how I changed after living in 3 different states. In a couple years, I lost a job, lost a home, lost another job, and lost loved ones, but through it all, I held on to hope. A few songs were written when others near me were hurting.  Other songs were written during relational conflict or after experiencing the joy of resolution. I hope that in some way, my friend, you are also encouraged.

I started writing songs when I was five years old, scribbling my song ideas onto napkins. Not long after, I could feel the fire in my bones, and I composed songs whenever I had the chance. As a sophomore in high school, I performed my first compositions in front of a few hundred people, and I started recording in my college dorm room.

Since then, I have recorded several independent albums, and every free minute, I am recording new songs.  It is a joy to share my songs with others, and I hope that you enjoy them.

In addition to this website, my music is available for download at BandCampiTunes and elsewhere. Just search for “Joel Peter Jupp,” or for my older music, you can search for “Cymbolic” and the album “Between Walls.”

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