The Uniqueness of Christian Leadership

The Necessity of Mission (A Response to Darrell L. Guder)


Book Review: The Bible and Other Faiths by Ida Glaser

A Christian’s Observation of the Baha’i

The Mormon Missionary Movement

Social Trinitarianism & The Holy Spirit


Grace and Peace: A Necessity for New Testament Worshipers

The Goal of Christian Missions

The Nature of Sanctification: What Role, If Any, Do We Play?

Mission in the Old Testament and New Testament

A Perspective on Christian Baptism

Men and Women in Ministry: A Balanced Perspective

The Entrance of Christ’s Kingdom: An Evangelical Case for Realized Millenialism

Kierkegaard & Barth: Similarities, Complexities, and Differences


Book Review: The Bible and Other Faiths by Ida Glaser

The Role of the Holy Spirit in Hebrews

Christ’s Supremacy Applied to Daily Life: Colossians 3:1-11

Personal Experience of the Lord Who Cares: A Study of Psalm 23

Apolutrosis in Colossians 1:14 (A Greek Word Study)

The Meaning of Haphatz in Jonah 1:14 (A Hebrew Word Study)

The Meaning of Pesha (A Hebrew Word Study)


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