Why Idolatry is Wrong

  • Idolatry “steals” what rightfully belongs to God — i.e., glory.
  • Idolatry has no point, since idols cannot see, hear, think, talk, etc.
  • Idolatry represents God as lesser; no matter how impressive the idol, it would still pale in comparison to God, so idols are degrading.
  • Idolatry distracts the human heart from our ultimate affection, God.
  • Idolatry seeks help in the present/earthly rather than the unseen/heavenly.
  • Idolatry blurs the divide between Creator and created, since idols are made by human hands and made with earthly materials.
  • Idolatry fragments the Only God into a multitude of representations (i.e., polytheism via human imagination).
  • Idolatry rejects God’s Word, not merely disobedience of a commandment but a lack of trust that God is “Yahweh” — I AM, who cannot be created. (There was a time when an idol was “not” in existence.)
  • Idolatry destroys, as the imperfect become ultimate; the finite can never replace the infinite. (Example: If we idolize work, we eventually realize that work can never fulfill, but by that point, we’ve already suffered from idolizing work.)
  • Idolatry wastes life, robbing time, treasure, and talent.

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