Theology of Art (Piper)

John Piper offers a wonderful theology of art, in which he defines art as that which is done not merely for utilitarian purposes, but to move or affect. Strengths of this definition: “good” art affects us in an emotional and/or spiritual way purely pragmatic communication does not seem artful everyone can be artistic in some fashion art and definitions of … Read More

Why Update Hymn Arrangements?

An important, yet often neglected, reason to update hymn arrangements relates to chord structures and patterns. Updating a song, or becoming more relevant, is not merely a matter of instrumentation. Simply adding guitar and drums does not make a hymn contemporary. In fact, many of the hymns were composed for piano or organ, so we can do them a disservice … Read More

The Structure of Worship

Helpful comments from C.S. Lewis on experiencing the “art of worship” within familiar forms: “Every church service is a structure of acts and words through which we receive a sacrament, or repent, or supplicate, or adore. And it enables us to do these things best– if you like, it ‘works’ best– when, through long familiarity, we don’t have to think … Read More

What Makes “Christian” Art?

What makes “Christian” art? This debate has gone on for many years, but at least in my circles, the discussion has not progressed very far. In some ways, this question can be misleading because there is not necessarily a single answer. There are at least 3 ways to define Christian art: 1. In terms of source: art made by a … Read More

Lyric Formatting for Worship

In many churches, there has been a subtle change over the past decade. When we started using PowerPoint for worship, the majority of churches would use a slide for a verse, another slide for the chorus, and so on. Today, however, the trend is to use a slide for 2 to 4 lines — more like a snippet — in … Read More

What is a Hymn?

A friend recently asked me to explain what a hymn is, and it is a great question. Here are a few observations. Feel free to comment and add any of your own. 1. A hymn is not determined by when it was written. The date is irrelevant. Many hymns are being written today — usually more modern in style and … Read More

All of Creation – Psalm 19

Before God created music, He created the heavens and earth. Think about it for a moment. There are many styles of music, but we all share the oceans, the stars, the sun and moon. All over the world, we look at the same handiwork of God. Incredible! Psalm 19:1-2 tells us that the skies display the glory of God. David … Read More

Technology & The Church

I am a huge proponent of incorporating technology into the local church. It deserves to be said, however, that when it comes to technology in the local church, we need to think through our options. Just because we can do something, doesn’t mean that we should. On a practical level, one instance of this is the recent increase of multiple … Read More

Poem: Belated Eulogy

Nearly two years later, it is still difficult to write about our son, Jeremiah. For months, I could not write about his death. Then, after it became possible for me to write, I felt like anything that I wrote was far too trivial. About a year ago, I wrote my first song about our experience and memories. Now, about two … Read More

Theology of the Arts

Recently I was asked about my view of the arts in local church. I thought I’d post my brief response, in case it is helpful to anyone. —————————————————– When it comes to the creative arts, I believe that art is a wonderful part of the Christian life. Various passages of Scripture reveal that God loves creativity, He enjoys various expressions … Read More

WorshipGod Worship Conference (Sovereign Grace, 2008)

Very rarely do I post links to other websites, but this one is so beneficial, I couldn’t resist. If you are interested in worship or lead worship at your church, Sovereign Grace has graciously posted 37 audio sessions on their website at: Worship conferences usually cost several hundred dollars, so this is a blessing for those of us without … Read More

New Songs

Over the past two weeks, I wrote and recorded two new songs — “Tonight” and “Brand New.” Be sure to check them out. Both are available for $1 at

Automated Art?

Animoto is kind of scary, yet also very cool. Using this service, you can insert photos and music, and it automatically creates a video. This is an extremely practical tool if you need a quick alternative to a slideshow. My guess is that these videos will soon be all over the internet. I suppose that some people would consider randomness … Read More