Lent/Lament: Worship Order Ideas

Here are a few worship order concepts for lent/lament. Any of these could be adjusted to fit your particular congregation or worship context.


Personal/Societal Emphasis

Receive God’s Welcome

Reflect Inwardly & Outwardly

Request Divine Help

Return Hopeful Praise

(Note: Repent could replace Reflect for a stronger statement, whereas Reflect is broader, such as considering the state of world affairs.)


Trinitarian-Lent Emphasis

Remember the Father’s Sovereign Power

Reflect upon Christ & His Sufferings

Request Help from the Holy Spirit

Respond in Praise as God’s People


Israelite Emphasis

Sought by Yahweh

Striving with Yahweh

Surrendering to Yahweh

Sanctified by Yahweh

*striving is the “wrestling” concept (metaphor of lament) but contextualized, as the Jewish idea of wrestling with God is more positive than negative.

*sanctification for the sake of mission (Jn. 17:17-19)

*verb form changes but reflects shift between God’s sovereign acts and our present action


Death & Life Emphasis

Gathering as Christ’s Body

Lamenting sin & death

Imploring God’s salvation

Celebrating resurrection life


Covenant Emphasis

Thanking God for His Promises

Repenting of our Brokenness

Surrending to God’s Decrees

Praising God for His Faithfulness




Have one that you’d like to share? Post yours in the comments.

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