RESPONSE to Defiant Churches

To Churches Defying Medical & Political Leaders, Christians should be leading the way in terms of loving neighbors and exercising wisdom. Now that children and 30-50 year olds are known to be dying, there is no “safe” group per se. With that in mind, our witness can be damaged if we value ritual (even good rituals!) more than the innocent … Read More

Humility that Helps

Bear with me on this one, as it’s an imagined scenario within an imagined scenario…   For years now, starting when I was in college, I’ve tried to understand Jesus’ teaching on foot washing. As you may know, the actual practice of foot washing is a distinctive feature of some churches (e.g., Church of God), which I had experienced back … Read More

A Reminder About Quarreling (2 Tim. 2:14)

2 Tim 2:14 Keep reminding them of these things. Warn them before God against quarreling about words; it is of no value, and only ruins those who listen. Pastors and church leaders are called to be spiritual “reminderers.” The goal of ministry is not to invent new ideas or new teachings. Instead, men and women need to be reminded what … Read More

10 Steps for Meeting Objectives

Useful tips for meeting objectives in any organization, including the local church: 1. Define purpose and mission. 2. Assess strengths and weaknesses. 3. Write specific and measurable objectives. 4. Work towards general agreement. 5. Maintain a reasonable work load. 6. Develop strategies for using resources. 7. Practice accountability. 8. Design long and short range plans. 9. Be willing to change. … Read More

Creativity & Leadership

“For the leader, creativity is essential. Life is constantly changing, but people always fear change. The leader is responsible to help them adapt and do something new. So, by increasing creativity, suffering or deprivation may feed the springs of leadership in a young soul.” Leighton Ford (Transforming Leadership, 42)

Ten Commandments for Good Organization

Ten Commandments for Good Organization: 1. Definite and clean-cut responsibilities should be assigned to each worker. 2. Responsibilities should always be coupled with corresponding authority, so the task can be carried out. 3. No changes to the scope or responsibilities should be made until there is definite understanding on the part of all persons concerned. 4. No one person should … Read More

Explicit & Implicit Theology

When leading congregations, Christian leaders must be aware of both explicit and implicit theologies. What people believe determines how they act, and because of that, church members will continue to act according to the theologies that they hold. Without an awareness of both explicit and implicit theologies, church leaders can waste time, “spinning their wheels” on technical fixes to problems, … Read More

Thoughts on Family Ministry

The family was designed by God to be a unique place, the most basic form of community, where much of our spiritual growth can occur. Because God designed families, churches should support families and minister to them. In this effort, churches need to encourage families to live out their faith outside of Sunday morning. It is during the week, within … Read More

Jesus Hasn’t Forgotten

If you’ve ever been hurt in your life, you know that the memory doesn’t go away. Whether someone hit you, betrayed you, neglected you, or somehow otherwise injured you, the memory can remain for years. It may even replay in your mind when triggered by a sound or image. Even when forgiving the other person, you do not forget how … Read More

How Technology Can Lead to Laziness

If you’ve ever wasted time with technology, take a few minutes to watch this video. Be sure to watch the whole video, though, because Josh makes some great points throughout. My hope is that this message will be helpful, as it already has for me. (Thanks to Phil Gons for bringing to my attention.)

God-Honoring Worship

How can we honor God in our worship? Although Exodus 20:22-26 is not frequently quoted in the context of worship, it provides some direction for us. In speaking to Moses, God gives the Israelites four instructions. They are simple and helpful, even for us today: 1. Do not worship anyone else beside me. (v.23) 2. It is absolutely necessary to … Read More

Ministry: Our Source of Competence

Every disciple of Christ is called to ministry; it is a calling for everyone. Our response to that call, however, usually involves either feelings of inadequacy or self-sufficiency: (1) Some disciples feel inadequate to be serving on behalf of Christ. Whether because of limited education or lack of experience, these disciples often feel as if someone else could do a … Read More