All People, Unlimited Peace.

I normally take a slower approach to sociopolitical issues, but seeing where this seems to be headed, I’ll state this sooner rather than later for my Christian friends:

God cares for all people, from all ethnicities, which means He shows no partiality between Jews, Arabs, or the broader world (Rom. 2:11).

Further, even though Jerusalem and Israel plays a central part in the historical narrative, God has always cared more about people than geography and landmarks — notably, Christ Himself (the Temple) endured physical destruction to save not a symbol or a city but people (John 2:19).

I say that so we pray for peace and seek human rights, for all people, and that we are not swayed by the media to skew/prefer one group over the other. All people groups are loved, in the fullest sense, by our loving Father (John 3:16).

Some may say that Jerusalem plays a role in the end times (as that’s a common evangelical belief), but even if that position is taken, no one knows the day or the hour — so in the meantime, we pray for peace, not for a single side but for all, and God will determine the end as He decrees (Matt. 24:36).

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