Equal Employment: A Work of the People

It grates me when the President repeatedly takes credit for the rise of black employment (or the decrease of black unemployment).


First, individuals earn and keep their own jobs, so first and foremost, those specific individuals deserve the credit. We should be celebrating those individuals more than the President.  We should be congratulating them and directing the focus to them.


Second, companies are the ones employ, so they also deserve more credit than the President. Fortune Magazine highlighted some of these diversely-hiring companies, which include Comcast, Hyatt, T-Mobile, Capital One, and Delta Airlines. Republicans who believe in a free market should be praising these companies more than the government.


Third, economic policy in the past year has not targeted particular races, so any credit claimed should be general, not racially focused. Repeating employment statistics of a particular race politicizes the issue, which only detracts from a people group’s well-earned success.

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