Juneteenth as a Holy Day

As I’ve reflected upon the day, in many ways, Juneteenth is more of a holiday (i.e., properly “holy”) than July 4th.
Of course, that’s not to say I’m against American independence (since I am certainly grateful to be “American”), but to say that we cannot fully appreciate American independence until everyone in America is truly free.
Here are some reasons to value this special day:
1) The day recognizes the equality of all people, not only some.
2) The day celebrates liberation, not only from unfair taxation or religious oppression, but from physical and social oppression.
3) The day embraces the holistic value of the human person, which includes but extends far beyond political freedom.
4) The day does not sensationalize war with another country, but fosters peace within the same country.
5) The day parallels the ancient event of the Exodus, reminding that freedom from slavery is close to God’s heart and should be to ours as well.
It is this fifth reason, most of all, why we should all delight. As Israel’s exodus affects Gentiles today, so does God’s rescue of any people group affect us all. This day should inspire us again to see the world anew — awaiting the day when we are all free from sin, pain, sorrow, and death.
Someday soon, we will all be liberated, even from our unknown chains, in ways we cannot even fully imagine.
Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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