Women in The Book of Esther

We live in an exciting era of women’s rights.  In the past century, women have fought for the right to vote, to be heard, and to be respected.  We see this in a wide variety of expressions from marches to the #MeToo movement and beyond.  Sometimes we take this for granted, but in comparison to how women how have been treated throughout history, this is an amazing era.

Christians face women’s rights in many places, including the first few chapters of Esther.  Here’s a question to help prompt that further:

What do you think of Vashti’s response to King Xerxes?  Was it a proper or improper response?  Why do you think so?

But beyond that, there’s an even bigger question.  As readers of the entire biblical canon, we know that God is sovereignly working “behind the scenes” for the sake of His remnant.  Keeping that in mind, based on your answer to the above questions:

What does that say about God?  Why?

Of course, once we answer those questions, we should immediately consider how we should respond.  God’s view of women and His protection of Esther should not be overlooked, but deeply considered.  How should we view and treat women in this progressive era, and how are Christian human rights unique, in comparison to secular perspectives of human rights?  As Christians, we are obligated to consider these tough questions.


(image by Edwin Longsden Long, 1829-1981)

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